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We do this by

Giving you captivating & energetic designs.

Considerable amount of our resources are spent in ideating, envisioning and designing books with the elements you love to see in it. A specific focus is laid by us to incorporate the design elements & content given to us by our EnThU customers .

Giving more for less!

We offer best in class quality at rationally reasonable rates along with value added fun elements such as the Magic Slate (Yes you read it right! Our books take you down the memory lane), sweet deals & discounts to make you feel rewarded anddd…….Hey! Why don’t you go down the lane to the nearest store and checkout our product, we have some more surprises in it for you.

Ensuring that we do all the lively experimenting while maintaining the aesthetics of a classic notebook and creating an enriching experience for you to write

Team Kithabwala

We are a bunch of misfits with a love for the retro age and the synergistic partnership among us completes the Jigsaw puzzle which we proudly refer to as Kithabwala! We strongly believe that ‘Team Work’ leads to ‘Dream Work’.

If anyone of you wants to get in touch with anyone of us, we would be more than happy to do so, after all we trust in the power of networking

Abhilash Gali

Managing Director

Sai Kiran


Rufus Sunny

Associate Graphic Designer

Krishna Nule

Sales & Marketing

Hari Krishna



Our expected circulation is around 1 million+ per year across Hyderabad.

Be a part of our story

We're always looking for great folks to join us on our mission. If you want to be a part of our story, we'd love to chat. Explore our careers section to see if there's a role that excites you. If there isn't one and we like each other, we'll create one for you.


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